"Read the Greed - LIVE!: Vol. II"

Surviving the Trading Game:
How to Outwit, Out-Trade, and Outlast!

I firmly believe that DEFENSE is not only the best offense in this business; it is the only offense that works.

This means that your entries can be just about perfect, but you will lose money in the long run if your exits aren't just as good as, or better than your entries.

“Read the Greed – LIVE!” is my opportunity to show you exactly how, when, and where I enter and exit trades using the set ups that I have developed over the past 30+ years trading. I will teach you how to get out of bad trades and also where to set logical profit targets.


1-      A “Getting Started Handbook”- This handbook will get you started off on the right foot. It includes Mike's suggestions on how to study the materials in the course, an explanation on his trading structure/game plan and important tips and rules to trade by.

2-      Mike's eBook (2nd Edition), “Read the Greed-Take the Money: Trading Weapons I’ve Kept Secret for 20 Years”. It describes in detail Mike's personally developed setups that he trades each day. It is a book focused on how to trade support and resistance, both fixed and dynamic areas where the market should react, and/or allow a good low risk trade entry. It is 80 pages packed full of charts and explanations of how and why to enter and/or exit a trade. The e-book is on CD in pdf format.

3-      “Read the Greed – LIVE!: Vol. II” – This is where the eBook set ups “come to life”. Mike goes through each setup and walks you through the trades LIVE AS THEY HAPPEN. You will see and hear the when, where, why, and how Mike enters the trade based upon the eBook setup. In addition, he gives his targets and trade management on most of these. Also, these are not cherry picked trades. As you will see, some just didn’t work out, and you will see and hear how and why he exited the trade. New set-ups have been added to this updated course!

4-    Question and Answer Survey. An additional booklet containing the questions that we received from subscribers regarding finding and trading support and resistance, the TICK, foreign markets, and much, much more!

5 -    BONUS! – As a bonus, you'll get BOTH a tutorial, AND and an audio/video on how to find support and resistance areas for the next trading day. In the audio/video Mike walks you through what he looks for to determine a valid support and resistance zone. In addition, he will walk you through the nightly process that he follows to come up with the expected key areas for market reactions the following day. This is something that Mike has only disclosed to his Trading Camp attendees. This alone is worth the price of the course.

6-      BONUS! -  A DVD containing 2 days worth of “RBI Trading Camp”! Go behind the scenes and see what trading camp is all about! And again, this alone is worth the price of the course!


All of this for only $857! Oh hey, we forgot to mention you also get 2 months of nightly updates which includes access to our daily instant messenger room and live sessions!



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