TradeStalker's RBI Trading Camp Syllabus

Trading Camp is held via Hotcomm,
from the comfort of YOUR home or office ...

Camp is a few hours on the beginning Sunday. Then Monday - Thursday from opening until around 3:15 PM. Usually one evening (60-90 minutes) that week to go over finding support and resistance for the following day. Off Friday, then a few hours on the following Sunday to recap the week.

Here is Mike's Schedule for Camp:

SUNDAY = 12:30 pm Eastern time We begin with the "Ready" phase, where I walk you through my after-the-close routine. We'll cover the daily indicators I watch, and how I use them to determine a market "bias". Then I will show you my chart set ups and how I determine my "game plan" for the next day. I'll walk through how I find the support/resistance numbers that should be in play the following trading day. In essence, you would have everything I use to put together a nightly updates.

MONDAY = The "Aim"and "Fire" phases begin. I'll explain what I am watching to dictate action. Monday will mostly be explanatory, once the day gets rolling we'll walk through the first high-odds set up. I'll walk attendees through entry, stop placement, and exit(s).

TUESDAY = you will be taught how I am reading the price action, and how I find and use "dynamic" support/resistance for either entry for trade management. You are welcome, and even encouraged to "pick my brains".

WEDNESDAY = I'll give you more on reading price action, and also walk you through set ups as the day unfolds, answer questions, and discuss what has been taught to this point.

THURSDAY = On this day I will call out set ups as I see them, however campers will likely be pointing out the set ups to me. This will be wide open, as we incorporate what has been learned throughout the week.

SATURDAY =We will have a meeting on hotcomm to recap the week. We will go through the spreadsheet again, and also do support and resistance for the following trading day if necessary. Any and all questions left will be answered.

**If you miss a day because one of your child is sick, you have to leave early for a 2nd shift job, etc. Mike will work with you to make up the time you missed. **

Lastly, if you ever have any questions after camp you can e-mail Mike directly that and he will help you get things worked out, even if a quick phone is necessary.

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Important Note: There will be NO refunds issued. Please be sure that these dates will fit with your other schedules (ie: work, family, etc.) *before* registering.Thank You.

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